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Review Article

Year: 2019 | Month: February | Volume: 6 | Issue: 2 | Pages: 24-27

Phytosterols of Brassica Juncea (Indian Mustard)


Institute of Pesticide formulation Technology, Sector 20, Udyo Vihar, Opposite Ambience Mall, Gurugram - 122 016, Haryana, India


Phytosterols are present in the all plant oils. Nutritionally it is the most important constituent of all the plant oils. It plays a very important role in different metabolic processes. Phytosterol content makes the edible oils healthy by increasing the cholesterol solubilization and decrease the risk of heart diseases. Mustard oil is the main edible oil in India. So, there is a requirement for enhancement of phytosterol content by external or inducing genes responsible for phytosterol. Different varieties of mustard have different composition of phytosterol and external factors also influence the composition of phytosterol in Indian mustard.

Key words: phytosterol, cholesterol and metabolic

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