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Original Research Article

Year: 2019 | Month: March | Volume: 6 | Issue: 3 | Pages: 65-71

Risk Factors of HIV Infection in Young Ages in Clinic Voluntary Counseling Testing (VCT) Manokwari Regency Hospital West Papua Province

Lasarus Mandacan1, A. L. Rantetampang2, Arius Togodly3, Anwar Mallongi4

1Magister Program of Public Health, Faculty of Public Health, Cenderawasih University, Jayapura.
2,3Lecturer of Master Program in Public Health. Faculty of Public Health, Cenderawasih University, Jayapura
4Environmental Health Department, Faculty of Public Health, Hasanuddin University, Makassar.

Corresponding Author: Anwar Mallongi


Introduction: Human immunodeficiency and AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) are currently the biggest health problems in the world. Manokwari Regency is one of the regency in West Papua-Indonesia province which has the most HIV cases with a cumulative number until June 2011 is 1,217, while AIDS cases in Manokwari Regency are 18.87 per 100,000 population, higher than the national figure (11.09 per 100,000).
Target of research: To find out the relationship between risk factors and HIV infection at a young age in the VCT clinic at Manokwari Hospital in West Papua Province.
Research of results: Observational analytic with cross sectional study design. The study was conducted on October 16 to December 10, 2018 on VCT Beringin at the Manokwari Hospital with a population of all VCT clients who visited and enrolled in a banyan VCT at the Manokwari Hospital who and a total sample of 89 people in total sampling. Data were obtained using a questionnaire and analyzed using the chi square test and binary logistic regression.
Research results:: Risk factors obtained for HIV infection at a young age at the VCT clinic at Manokwari Hospital in West Papua Province are age p value 0.045; Rp = 1,750; CI95% = (1,096-2,793), gender p value 0,000; Rp = 0.108; CI95% = (0,036-0,326), education p value 0,000; Rp = 0.332; CI95% = (0,211-0,522), residence status p value 0,000; Rp = 2,595; CI95% = (1,532-4,395), parent relations p value 0,000; Rp = 2,702; CI95% = (1,701-4,290), family supervision p value 0,000; Rp = 2,859; CI95% = (1,783-4,584), peer influence 0.129; Rp = 0.623; CI95% = (0.354-1.094), media influence p value 0.021; RP = 2,012; CI95% = (1,113-3,635), use of materials (cigarettes, alcohol and syringes) p value 0.060; RP = 1,726; CI95% = (1,014-2,937), the effect of risk behavior 0.342; Rp = 1,342; CI95% = (0.814-2.214). The dominant factor associated with HIV infection at a young age in the VCT clinic at the Manokwari Hospital in West Papua Province is gender

Key words: HIV, VCT clinic in Manokwari Hospital West Papua Province.

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