International Journal of Research and Review


Vol. 2; Issue: 6 (June 2015)
Pages: 295-390
Date of Publication: 27.06.2015


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Original Research Article
1. Influence of Drip Fertigation and Season on Resultant Seed Quality Attributes of Pigeonpea.

S. Manikandan, K. Sivasubramaniam, R. Geetha
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295-300 Agriculture
2. Effect of Different Mulching on Growth and Yield of Tuberose.

Alak Barman, Abu Habib Md. Abdullah, Arman Hossen, Md. Asrafuzzaman, Kbd. Md. Habibur Rahman
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301-306 Agriculture
3. Effects of Zinc on the Concentrations of N, P, K, S and Zn in Mungbean (Bari Mug 6) Stover and Seed.

Prodip Chandra Karmakar, Abu Habib Md. Abdullah, Md. Asrafuzzaman, Kishor Kumar Poddar, Srabantika Sarker
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307-310 Agriculture
4. The Contribution of Agriculture Finance in Boosting Agricultural Yield: A Case of Gakenke District of Rwanda.

Ntegereze Peter
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311-323 Agriculture
5. Assessment of Heavy metal Accumulation in Wastewater flooded soil of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Arti Yadav, D.N. Shukla
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324-329 Botany
6. Voltage Stability Enhancement Inpower System Using Statcom Based Itcwith Unbalanced Fault.

B.Alex, D.VenkataRamana
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330-336 Engineering
7. Saturation Analysis Of Current Transformer.

RiyasAhamed M, VimalrajM, Arjuna Rao S
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337-342 Engineering
8. Optimization Of Photocatalytic Degradation Of Reactive Blue Dye Using Zinc Oxide Catalyst.

Loum Janani, Kanwezi Henry, Kamalha Edwine
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343-347 Engineering
9. DVR Based Voltage Sag Compensation In Multi-Bus System With Ac-Ac Converter Topology.

M.Vimalraj, M.Riyas Ahamed, R.Arun Prasath
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348-354 Engineering
10. Performance Evaluation of Fault-Tolerant Routing For Network-On-Chip in Hotspot and Local Traffic.

Ladan Momeni, Arshin Rezazadeh
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355-364 Engineering
11. The Evaluation Of Universal Precaution Programs Performance At Wahidin Sudirohusodo Hospital In Indonesia.

Irwandy, Sukriani
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365-371 Health Science
12. Forecasting Share Prices Of Banks Of Colombo Stock Exchange.

W.G. S. Konarasinghe, N. R. Abeynayake, L.H.P.Gunaratne
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372-378 Management
13. Effect of Six Weeks Circuit Training On Resting Heart Rate Among Active Adult Women.

Pintu Sil
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379-382 Physical Education
Short Communication
14. Effects of Rainfall on Physiological Seed Quality of Grain Amaranthus (Amaranthus Hypochondriacus L.) Cv. Suvarna.

S. Manikandan, P. Srimathi
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383-387 Agriculture
15. Importance of Point of Purchase in Advertising.

Bijender Singh Chauhan
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388-390 Art
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