International Journal of Research and Review


Vol. 3; Issue: 4 (April 2016)
Pages: 1-65
Date of Publication: 28.04.2016


S.No. Articles Pages Subject
Original Research Article
1. Assessment of Phenotypic Stability and Agronomic Performance in Some Upland and Lowland Rain Fed Rice Genotypes in Diverse Agro-Ecologies of Northwest Ethiopia.

Taddesse Lakew, Sewagegne Tariku, Bayuh Belay, Abebaw Dessie, Desta Abebe, Hailemariam Solomon
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1-6 Agriculture
2. Clinical Aid in Pediatric Dentistry: Techniques of Band Stabilisation in Impression.

Prabhawati P I, Sangeetha P
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7-11 Dentistry
3. Change Detection Analysis Using Geospatial Technology in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, South India.

P. Arulbalaji, B. Gurugnanam
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12-17 Geology
4. Assessment of Oxidative Stress & Antioxidant Status in Acute Pancreatitis by Measurement of Ischaemia Modified Albumin, Super Oxide Dismutase & Tocopherol.

Soumika Biswas, Pratip Jana, Arghya Basu
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18-24 Medical Science
5. A Study on Health Problems Specially Related to Paediatrics and Orthopaedic Components of Street Children of a District of Central Uttar Pradesh.

Ajay Sood, Alok Sood
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25-30 Medical Science
6. Prevalence of Hip Joint Osteoarthritis in Elderly Persons in a District of Central Uttar Pradesh: A Cross Sectional Study.

A.C. Yadav, Alok Sood
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31-35 Medical Science
7. Role of Local Corticosteroid Injection in the Management of Tennis Elbow.

Imtiyaz Hussain Dar, Mohammad Mussa, Sulaiman Sath, Munir Farooq, Ansarul Haq Lone
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36-38 Medical Science
8. Thyroid Dysfunction and Possible Role of Anti-TPO in Infertility.

Sunita Manhas, Shikhaa Mahajan, Suvarna Prasad, Neeru Bhaskar, Pallavi Mahajan
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39-45 Medical Science
9. Variables of Old Age Women Participating Morning Walk Regularly.

Pintu Sil
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46-50 Physical Education
10. Circular Methods on Forecasting Risk & Return of Share Market Investments.

W.G. S. Konarasinghe, N. R. Abeynayake, L.H.P.Gunaratne
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51-56 Statistics
11. Performance of State Tourism Hotels in Contradiction of Customer Anticipations.

Dr. Girish M. Purani
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57-61 Commerce
12. Examining Media Education in India.

Dr. G M Purani, R Lathangi
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62-65 Commerce
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