International Journal of Research and Review


Vol. 4; Issue: 7 (July 2017)
Pages: 1-129
Date of Publication: 30.07.2017


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1. Thyroid Dysfunction in a Rural Region of North Kerala, India-Its Association with Dyslipidemia and Diabetes Mellitus.

Sangeetha V Joice, Rebecca Abraham, Dinesh Kumar, Beena Kumari
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2. A Comparative Study of the Nutritional Status among Children Attending To ICDS and Non ICDS School.

Ajay Sood, Alok Sood
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3. Syndrome X, C - Reactive Protein and Proteinuria in Newly Diagnosed Patients of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus a Cross-Sectional Study.

Sangeeta Singh, Basant Joshi, Seema Gupta, Ashok Kumar
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4. Panorama of Soft Tissue Tumors at Tertiary Care Centre in Navi Mumbai.

Dr.Prabhakar Patro, Dr. Evith Pereira, Dr. Asmita Desai, Dr. Kalyani Mahore, Dr. Reeta Dhar, Dr. Toshita Jain
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5. A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Preterm Initiatives on Selected Parameters among Preterm Neonates in Narayana Medical College Hospital at Nellore.

Ms. Meera Mary, Ms. P. Latha, Dr. S. Indira
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6. Correlation between Serum Cystatin C and Creatinine in Apparently Healthy Subjects.

Pallavi Mahajan
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7. Evaluation of Role of MRI in Knee Joint Injuries in Correlation with Arthroscopy.

Dr. Anil U Madurwar, Dr. M. Ramya, Dr. Sravan Kumar, Dr. Bhavani
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8. Community Perception towards Solid Waste Management in NCT of Delhi, India.

Ashwani Kumar, Subhash Anand
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9. Risk Assessment of Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women.

Dr Savita Tamaria, Dr Anuradha Tamaria
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10. Fingerprint Analysis and Gender Predilection among Medical Students of Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital.

Dr Barshika Katwal, Sidhart Timsinha, Dr Bhumi Kala Limbu, MrPrem Prasad Pant
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11. Slow and Deep Breathing Exercise (Pranayama) For a Stress Free Life amongst Medical Students.

Singh S, Katwal B, Panta PP
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12. Influence of Previous Acute Coronary Syndrome on the Outcome of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Chronic Total Occlusion Lesion.

Dr. Mathew Iype, Dr. Gopakumar K S, Prof Sunitha Viswanathan, Prof. A. George Koshy
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13. Age-Specific Reference Range for Prostate Specific Antigen: A Retrospective Analysis in North Indian Population.

Richa Goel, Himanshu Devender Kumar, Ashuma Sachdeva, Veena Singh Ghalaut, Asha Kumari
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14. A Survey Report on Maternal and Child Health Status under Swa- Prerit Adarsh Gram Yojana in Budhera Village, Gurugram, Haryana.

Rashmi Negi, Ritu Yadav
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15. Morphometrical Changes in Placenta of Undernourished Mothers and It’s Effect on Foetal Weight.

Kiran Kumar P, Raj Kumar Srivastava, Shirin Jahan, Sapna Singh
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16. Evaluation and Correlation of Serum Zinc with Oxidative Stress and Insulin Resistance.

Mr. P. Krushna Kishore, Dr. Ipsita Chodhary, Dr. Pallavi Anand, Dr. U.N Singh
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17. A Molecular Analysis of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Gene Insertion/Deletion (I/D) Polymorphism in Toxaemia of Pregnancy and Normotensive Mothers.

T. Praveen, Anil Kumar, Raj Kumar Srivastava, Shirin Jahan
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18. The Indus Valley Civilization.

Aashaq Hussain Bhat
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19. British India’s Partition: Critiquing Entanglements of Memory and Catastrophe of Places.

Dr. Mehak Jonjua
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20. A Study on Communication Characterization in WPAN Network.

Sonia Sharma, Radhika Garg
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21. Organisational Justice and Employee Happiness.

Dr. Priyanka Behrani
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22. Hidden Histories: Peasant Women and the Indian National Movement.

Dr.Maitree Vaidya Sabnis
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