International Journal of Research and Review


Vol. 5; Issue: 11 (November 2018)
Date of Publication: 30.11.2018


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1. Analytical Study of Heart in Ayurveda.

Das Tripti, Chakraborty Swapan Kumar
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Research Area: Ayurveda

2. Crystalloids in Cytology Smears of Parotid Lesions: A Diagnostic Challenge.

Shanthi Vissa, Kande Srinivasulu, Nandam Mohan Rao, Byna Shyam Sundara Rao, Bhavana Grandhi
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Research Area: Medical Science, Pathology

3. Impetigo - A Case Report.

Dr Serena Florence Francis, Dr B. Sasirekha, Dr Raj Prabhu, Dr Pranav Dhyani, Dr. V. Kumaran
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Research Area: Dental Science

4. Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty on Customer Delivered Value of Postal and Shipping Service.

Nadya Khairunnisa, Jono M Munandar, Mukhammad Najib
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Research Area: Business Management

5. The Influencing Factors of Competitiveness in Small and Medium Enterprises in Indonesia.

Sani Rusminah, Ma’mun Sarma, Jono M Munandar
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Research Area: Business Management

6. Decision to Purchase Eco-Label Products.

Isyfa Priyayi, Ujang Sumarwan, Jono M Munandar
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Research Area: Business Management

7. German Grammatical Errors in Students’ Monologues in Indonesia.

Tanti Kurnia Sari, Ahmad Sahat Perdamean, Siti Kudriyah
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Research Area: Linguistics

8. Symbols, Meaning, and Functions of Simalungun Hiou: Semiotic Studies.

Warisman Sinaga, Yos Rizal, Ramlan Damanik
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Research Area: Cultural Study

9. Legal Politics of Establishment of Letters and Delivery Laws of Debt Payment Liabilities.

Ida Nadirah, Bismar Nasution, Sunarmi, Budiman Ginting
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Research Area: Law

10. Repositioning Civic Education for Political Stability in Nigeria.

Enyiaka J.U., Aminigo I.M., Osaat S.D
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Research Area: Education

11. An Analysis on the Influence of Fundamental Factors, Intellectual Capital and Corporate Governance on Bankruptcy Prediction Using Springate (S-Score) Method in the Mining Companies Listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

Samsuddin Muhammad, Isfenti Sadalia, Khaira Amalia Fachrudin
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Research Area: Business Management

12. The Influence of Compensation and Benefits and Employees’ Involvement on Employees’ Outcomes-Evidence from PTCL.

Ali Zeb, Fahad Sultan, Khawar Hussain, Mudaser Javaid, Zaheer Abbas, Muhammad Imran
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Research Area: Business Management

13. Clinico-Etiological Profile of Bacterial Infections in Children with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Dr. Dipak Madavi, Dr. Bharath Kumar S, Dr. Pritesh T. Khatwar
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Research Area: Medical Science, Paediatrics

14. Study of Drug Compliance and Its Influencing Factors in Schizophrenic Patients.

Keerthi Chandana Veera, Jayadivya Paravada, Bala Subrahmanyam Simhadri, Tirumala Deepthi Repalle, Nageswara rao Samidala, Niveditha Vasireddy
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Research Area: Pharmacy

15. Neglected Foreign Body Bronchus: A Case Report.

Usha Sehrawat, Aman, Pawan Kumar Gahlawat, Chandni Sharma, Ashiya Goel
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Research Area: Medical Science, Otorhinolaryngology

16. Identification of Risk Factors and the Preventive Measures for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Todupunuri Shivani, Lakavath Dhana Lakshmi
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Research Area: Pharmacy

17. Impact of Structured Reporting for Carcinoma of Oesophagus - A Simplified New Approach to Improve the Quality of Reporting.

Dr Naveen Kumar Rathod, Dr Kishan A Bhagwat, Dr Akhil M Kulkarni, Dr Parthasarathy K, Dr Eshita, Dr Vijay
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Research Area: Medical Science, Radiology

18. Review of Catalytic Processes Design and Modeling: Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit and Catalytic Reforming Unit.

Mbinzi Kita Deddy Ngwanza, Diakanua B. Nkazi, Hugues S. Ngwanza, Hembe E. Mukaya
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Research Area: Engineering

19. Study of Bacterial and Fungal Etiology of Lower Respiratory Tract Infections in a Tertiary Care Hospital.

Dr. Appa Rao Peddapalli, Dr. Rama Lakshmi Koripella, Dr. P. Kamala, Dr. Yasoda Devi Kakaraparthi
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Research Area: Medical Science, Microbiology

20. Anti-Inflammatory Potential of Shothari Louham, a Herbomineral Formulation – A Review.

Dr Dinesh Gupta, Dr Sohan Lal Saini, Dr Titiksha Sharma
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Research Area: Ayurveda

21. A Study of Correlation of Perceived Stress with Serum Prolactin Levels in Newly Diagnosed Cases of Hypothyroidism in Females in an Urban Population Of A Developing Country.

Dr. Arunima Chaudhuri, Dr. Samarjit Koner
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Research Area: Medical Science, Physiology

22. Elaborative Study of the Dosha-dushya in Aetiology of Prameha W.S.R. Kriya Sharir.

Dr. Dipali S. Pawar, Dr. Ravindra S. Dhimdhime, Dr. Amol G. Ghanghav
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Research Area: Ayurveda

23. Relationship between Periodontitis and Systemic Diseases: A Review.

Dr. Kamal Kishor Mankar, Dr. Sushil Naik, Dr. Swapnil Patil
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Research Area: Dentistry

24. Case Study on Fournier Gangrene on Long-Term Use of Tablet Prednisolone.

Lakavath Dhana Lakshmi, Todupunuri Shivani, Dr. Mudda Amarnath, Mr. Umasankar Viriti
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Research Area: Pharmacy

25. Effects of Chest PNF v/s Thoracic Maitland Mobilization on Respiratory Parameters in Parkinson’s Patients: A Randomised Control Trial.

Dr. Shilpa Khatri, Dr. Ujwal Yeole, Miss Arshiya A. Shaikh, Dr. Pournima Pawar
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Research Area: Physiotherapy

26. Prevalence, Pattern and Outcome of Trauma Patients in North India: A Descriptive Study.

Sharma Rajni, Bhartiya SK, Gupta S, Shukla VK, Mishra SP, Hakim M Z, Sharma S, Singh P
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Research Area: Nursing

27. Incidence of Fungal Rhinosinusitis in Bihar and Its Management.

Shelendra Kumar Gupta, Ranjeet Singh, Anjali Gupta
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Research Area: Medical Science, ENT

28. Comparative Study of Varying Doses of Dexmedetomidine Combined with Levobupivacaine in Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block: A Randomized Double-Blind Prospective Study.

Dr. Inugala Rajkumar Reddy, Dr. Syed Ali Aasim, Dr. Jakkani Manish Kumar
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Research Area: Medical Science, Anesthesiology

29. Effect on Concrete by Metakaolin and Manufacturing Sand as Alternatives.

Dr. Tummala Suresh Babu, Muppalla Venkata Sai Surya Pratap Chowdary
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Research Area: Engineering

30. Quality Added Life Years: A Tool for Biologics and Biosimilars Marketing.

Manish Adhia, Bhavya Bhasin, Sonali Sakhrale
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Research Area: Pharmacy

31. Effective Cold Chain Management System Status for Routine Immunization in Central Maharashtra.

Abhaykumar B. Dhanorkar, Govind Pandit Chaudhari
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Research Area: Public Health

32. Multicultural Planning.

Hassan Saemi, Batool Noori
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Research Area: Psychology

33. Development of Mathematics Learning Devices Oriented on Problem-Based Learning Model to Improve Critical Thinking Ability of Students in Across of Sma Kuala Nagan Raya Aceh.

Henra Saputra Tanjung, Siti Aminah Nababan
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Research Area: Education

34. Prevalence of Vitamin D Deficiency and Its Seasonal Variation among Pregnant Female of Jammu Region.

Narita Jamwal, Rachna Sabharwal, Pallavi Mahajan
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Research Area: Medical Science, Biochemistry

35. To Study the Effect of Peer Assisted Learning on Academic Performance and Perceived Stress Scores Among First MBBS Students in a College of West Bengal.

Dr. Arunima Chaudhuri, Dr. Biman Ray, Dr. Samarjit Koner
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Research Area: Medical Education

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