International Journal of Research and Review


Vol. 5; Issue: 2 (February 2018)
Pages: 1-89
Date of Publication: 28.02.2018


S.No. Articles Pages
1. A Pooled Estimate of the Global Prevalence of Congenital CMV and Clinical Sequelae at Birth in the Last 10 Years.

Jill Hutton
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2. Anti-Hepatotoxic Effect of Soy (Glycine Max) Against Tetra Chloromethane (CCL4)-Induced Liver Damage in Albino Rat.

Ikenna Kingsley Uchendu
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3. Effect of Feeding Processed (Faidherbia Albida) Pod Meal to Weaner Rabbits in the Guinea Savanna Zone of Adamawa State.

Isa Ibrahim Shehu, Bobboi Yakubu, Nyako H.D
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4. Early Childhood Relationships: The Foundation for a Sustainable Future.

F.O. Ibhaze
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5. Functional Significance of Plant-Associated Microbes in Soil Fertility Management.

M. Usman, M.G. Nangere, S.O. Oyetola
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6. The Correlation of Colour and Viscosity Changes of Rice Flour with Gelatinization Percentage under Infrared Heating.

Gunaratnam Abhiram
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7. Epidural Anaesthesia for Cesarean Section: A Comparison of 0.5% Bupivacaine and 0.5% Bupivacaine Plus 50µg Fentanyl.

Dr Anurag Agarwal, Dr Manoj Kumar Upadhyay, Dr Veena Arora, Dr Shivshankar Tripathi, Dr Chandrashekhar Singh, Dr Shivani Rastogi
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8. Postnatal Blues.

Grover Anu, Attri Arti
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9. A Study on Inventory Control Techniques in Apparel Industry.

K.Prabha Kumari, S.Jagadeeswaran
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10. Design and Construction of an Oil Fired Crucible Furnace.

Beneth. C. Chukwudi, Martins. B. Ogunedo
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11. Thermal Design of an Oil Fired Crucible Furnace using CFD Technique.

Beneth C. Chukwudi, Martins B. Ogunedo
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12. The Development of Microbiology Textbook to Enhance Scientific Literacy of Biology Students.

Irmayati, Hasruddin, Binari Manurung
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