International Journal of Research and Review


Vol. 5; Issue: 7 (July 2018)
Date of Publication: 31.07.2018


S.No. Articles Pages
1. To Study the Effect of Loh-Pindanirvapan Procedure in Purification of Water.

Vd. Sangram Rajendra Patil
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Research Area: Ayurveda

2. Racial Characterization of Gond Tribes and Non-Tribe Boys of Mungeli District, Chhattisgarh Using Facial Anthropometry.

Dharam Singh Rathia, Ram Narayan Das, Sudha Deshpandey
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Research Area: Medical Science, Anatomy

3. Speciation and Detection of Virulence Factors in Various Candida Isolates.

Ramya T G, Veena M, Spoorthi. K. U
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Research Area: Medical Science, Microbiology

4. A Case Control Study on Various Risk Factors Causing Coronary Artery Disease among Patients of Selected Hospital, Bangalore.

Ms. Deepshikha Panchbhai, Dr. Senthil Kavitha. R, Ms. Sherin. K Varghese, Dr. Sasikala. G
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Research Area: Nursing

5. Manufacturing Technology of Shape-Stabilized Phase Change Materials.

Tejashree Amberkar, Prakash Mahanwar
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Research Area: Chemical Engineering

6. Parental View on Problems Faced By Them with an Adult with Intellectual Disability- A Study.

Arup Kumar Goswami
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Research Area: Education

7. Exploring Textbooks: Integrating Character Values a Content Analysis.

Siti Saidah, Prof. Darmiyati Zuchdi
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Research Area: Linguistics

8. The Effect of Wadiah Product Quality Attributes on Customer Satisfaction: The Case of Jaiz Bank Nigeria Plc.

Bashir Baba, Shafie Mohamed Zabri, Ahmad Kaseri Ramin
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Research Area: Banking

9. Extending the Shelf-Life of Banana Cv. “Grande Naine” Using A Cold Room (Ecofrost).

Dr. Parag Babaji Jadhav, Nikhil Pradip Gurav, Dattatraya B. More
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Research Area: Agriculture

10. Portrayal of Youth Society in Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone.

Dr. P. Rajeswari
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Research Area: Linguistics

11. A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers Regarding the Self Management of Minor Ailments During Pregnancy in Selected Hospital of Jalandhar, Punjab, India.

Baljeet Kaur, Dr. Vajinder Singh
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Research Area: Nursing

12. Fibroadenoma of Breast: Our Experience

Anil Kumar Gupta, Deepesh Kumari Agarwal
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Research Area: Medical Science; Surgery

13. The Epidemiology, Risk Factors and Diagnosis and Treatment of Oral Cancer: An Update

Dr. Syeda Shadab Farha, Dr. Sonia Sodhi, Dr. Huma Md Saleem, Dr. Pritam Pohankar
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Research Area: Dental Science

14. Rare Combinations of Testicular Mixed Germ Cell Tumors- 2 Case Reports

Dr. Byna Syam Sundara rao, Dr. Vissa Shanthi, Dr. Nandam Mohan Rao, Dr. Bhavana Grandhi, Dr Dinusha pakam
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Research Area: Medical Science; Pathology

15. Awareness and Knowledge about Eye Donation in Patients Attending Eye OPD

Dr. ArchanaVilas Manekar, Dr. Neha Chandrashekhar Yerawar, Dr. Nilesh Balaji Giri
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Research Area: Medical Science; Ophthalmology

16. Impact of Different Food Cultures on Cuisine of Delhi.

Chef Prem Ram, Dr. Sonia Sharma
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Research Area: Hospitality

17. The Rationality Assumption from Birth to Reincarnation.

Dhaar Mehak Majeed, Zahid Gulzar
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Research Area: Economics

18. The Effect of Storytelling and Self-Confidence about Children's Talking Ability.

Tisna Syafnita, Elindra Yetti, Sofia Hartati
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Research Area: Linguistics

19. Free Thyroid Hormones in Subclinical Hypothyroidism and Its Preponderance in Jammu Region.

Pallavi Mahajan, Amarjeet S. Bhatia
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Research Area: Medical Science; Biochemistry

20. Neck Space Infections: Clinical and Bacteriological Profile.

Soumya John, Kumari Radha MN
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Research Area: Medical Science; ENT

21. Caffey Disease Presenting as Unilateral Scapular Swelling.

Dr Prachi Srivastava, Dr Seema Pandey, Dr Udbhav Maheshwari
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Research Area: Medical Science; Radiology

22. A Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Structured Teaching Programme On Stress & Coping Strategies To Reduce Psychosocial Stress Among Sexual Minorities From Sexual Minorities Rights Organisation In Bangalore.

Mrs. Bemina JA, Mr. Dinesh
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Research Area: Nursing

23. Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacterial (PSB) Population Dynamics with Seasons and Their Screening in Mulberry Rhizosphere in Different Regions of Kashmir.

Saima Khursheed
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Research Area: Sericulture

24. Application of Support Vector Machine for Wind Speed Forecasting.

Yogesh. D Rashinkar, PA Ghonge
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Research Area: Electrical Engineering

25. An Ethnobotanical Study of Wild Edible Plants of District Baramulla Jammu and Kashmir.

Subiya Showkat, Rafia Akhtar
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Research Area: Botany

26. Career Preference of Education Undergraduates in University of Port Harcourt: Implications for Teaching Manpower Development.

Ohia, Adanma Ngozi
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Research Area: Education

27. Dimensional Properties of Garcinia kola Nuts as Influenced by Moisture Content.

Ogunlade, Clement. A., Oke, Afolabi. Matthew, Jaiyeoba, Kehinde Folake, Onojah, Praise Edebojo
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Research Area: Agricultural Engineering

28. Substance Abuse among the Undergraduate Students of a Medical College of Kolkata.

Dr. Debdutta Haldar, Dr. Kunal Kanti Majumdar, Dr. Supratik Roy
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Research Area: Medical Science; Community Medicine

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