International Journal of Research and Review


Vol. 5; Issue: 6 (June 2018)
Date of Publication: 30.06.2018


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1. Headache & Sinus Disease- A Clinical Study.

Ziauddin Ahmad, Himani, Vinay Kumar Srivastava
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Research Area: Medical Science, Psychiatry

2. Efficacy of Electrostimulation-Guided Vertical Infraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block for Upper Limb Surgery- A Randomized Prospective Clinical Study.

Lalatendu Swain, Bhagirathi Pradhan, Prabhat Nalini Routray
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Research Area: Medical Science, Anesthesiology

3. Quantitative Nasal Eosinophilia: An Objective Tool to Optimize Intranasal Topical Steroid Spray in the Management of Perennial Pediatric Allergic Rhinitis.

Jyotindra Narayan Goswami, Manoj Kumar Kanzhuly, Salil Kumar Gupta, Puneet Baveja
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Research Area: Medical Science, Paediatrics

4. Comparative Evaluation of Fourth Generation Fluoroquinolones with Fortified Cephazolin in the Treatment of Bacterial Corneal Ulcers.

Dr. Smita Kishor Kadu, Dr. Nilesh Balaji Giri, Dr. Santosh Yadawrao Ingle, Dr. Neha Chandrashekhar Yerawar
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Research Area: Medical Science, Ophthalmology

5. Error Detection in 2D Orbit of GPS Satellites Using GPS Navigation Data File from GNSS Receiver.

Ashok Singh Raj Purohit, Harshith Somanna PB, Anushree Shettigar, Apoorva D, Dr. Dattathreya
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Research Area: Electronics and Communication

6. The Influence of Strategic Planning on Organizational Performance; Case Study Cogebanque Rwanda.

Claudine Uwambayingabire, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi
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Research Area: Management

7. Non Invasive Biomarkers, Serum Prolidase, Fibroscan , APRI Score in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Dr. Jugnu Kishore, Dr. Upendra Kumar Das, Dr. Anuva Mishra, Dr. Umesh Chandra Patra, Dr. Srikrushna Mohapatra
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Research Area: Medical Science, Biochemistry

8. Identification of the Needs of the Traditional Game Materials on Cultural Literacy Program in Non-Formal Education Institutions.

Ari Putra, S.Pd., Prof. Dr. Mustofa Kamil, M.Pd.
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Research Area: Education

9. Critical Thinking Skill on Economics Subject of Students in SMA Negeri 1 Cikarang Pusat.

Maha Putra, S.Pd., Dr. H. Hari Mulyadi, M.Si., Prof. Dr. H. Eeng Ahman, M.S.
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Research Area: Education

10. Therapeutic Non-Adherence to Type-2 Diabetes Management among Diabetics Treated in a Tertiary Care Hospital of Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Supratik Roy, Kunal Kanti Majumdar, Debdutta Haldar
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Research Area: Medical Science, Community Medicine

11. Historicizing the Non-Brahmin Identity and Cultural Syncretism of Kerala: A Case of Thiruvalla.

Jithin Sankar
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Research Area: History

12. MongoDB with Privacy Access Control.

Swetha Siriah, Bhushan Deshpande, Deepak Asudani
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Research Area: Computer Science

13. Cloud Based E-Consulting Service in Health Care Domain.

Prashanth D, Anuj Agrawal, Dr. Deepak. G, Harish Kumar N
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Research Area: Computer Science

14. An Unusual Presentation of Motor Neuron Disease with Overlapping Features of both FTD-ALS and Madras Motor Neuron Disease.

Dr Rajalaxmi Satapathy, Dr Pitamber Behuria, Dr A. K Mallik
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Research Area: Medical Science, Neurology

15. Evaluation of Costus Igneus on Lipid Profile Status and Anti- Hyperglycemic Activity in Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats.

Leena Chimurkar, Ranjana Kale, Sushilkumar Varma
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Research Area: Medical Science, Pharmacology

16. A Comparative Study on the Hearing Outcome in Canal Wall down And Intact Canal Wall Mastoidectomy in Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media with Special Reference to Atticoantral Disease.

Dr. Sanchita Kalita, Dr. Shams Uddin, Dr. Mukul Patar, Dr. Abhinandan Bhattacharjee, Dr. Kripamoy Nath, Dr. Devraj Dey, Dr. Rohit Tigga
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Research Area: Medical Science, ENT

17. Tall and Tilted Pin Hole Immediately Loaded Implants (TTPHIL) Technique for Maxillary Arch Rehabilitation.

Dr. P. Venkat Ratna Nag, Dr. P. Sarika, Dr. Ruheena Khan, Dr. Tejashree Bhagwatkar
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Research Area: Dental Science

18. Fanon’s National Culture in Nadine Gordimer’s none to Accompany Me.

Ms. P. Brinda, Dr. Benazir
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Research Area: Linguistics

19. Herbal Medicines - A Natural Cure In Dentistry.

Sharma Yesh, Chaudhary Devendra, Nagpal Ravi, Bishnoi Atul, Trinath Tangutoori, Rapsang Eliezer
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Research Area: Dental Science

20. N Terminal Pro B Type Natriuretic Peptide as a Tool to Diagnose Hemodynamically Significant Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Older Infants.

Biswarup Mukherjee, Dr. Achyut Sarkar, Debargha Dhua, Saikat Bhattacharya
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Research Area: Medical Science, Medicine

21. Influence of Pranayama on Adjustment in School Going Adolescents.

Dr Anup Nath, Professor(Dr) B.P.Gaur
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Research Area: Yoga

22. Study on Role of Antidepressant Drug in Antipsychotic like Effect of Clozapine in Rats.

Aarti K. Thakre, Nitin G. Dumore
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Research Area: Pharmacy

23. Optimization of the Inlet Conditions of a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger.

Beneth C. Chukwudi, Martins B. Ogunedo
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Research Area: Mechanical Engineering

24. Extending the Storage-Life and Shelf-Life of a Rose Flowers Cv. ‘Dutch’ Post-Harvest Using Chemical Compounds and Cold Storage (Ecofrost).

Dr. Parag Babaji Jadhav, Nikhil Pradip Gurav
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Research Area: Agriculture

25. Cross-Sectional Study of Foot Posture Index, Navicular Drop and Arch Index in Kathak Dancers.

Shweta Chandan, Savita Tamaria, Davinder Gaur, Charu Chadha, Priyanka Sharma
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Research Area: Physiotherapy

26. Correlation between Handgrip Strength and Upper Extremity Function in Pregnant Women Aged 20-35 Years.

Dr. Meghana R Pandya, Dr. Megha S Sheth
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Research Area: Physiotherapy

27. Retail Investors’ Take on Mutual Funds and the Regulatory / Fiscal Environment in Which It Operates.

Imtiaz Begum. I, B. G. Sathya Prasad
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Research Area: Commerce

28. Retailer-Customers’ Association with the Cash-And-Carry Metro.

Shabana Anjum, Dr. B. G. Sathyaprasad
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Research Area: Commerce

29. A Clinico-Pathological Study of Ovarian Tumors.

Deepesh Kumari Agarwal, Anil Gupta
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Research Area: Medical Science, Surgery

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